Let's Talk About Conservatories...

So as you may all know by now, we at Lewis Cleaning Co. specialise in conservatory cleaning. Over the many years of providing this service we have come across countless jobs that have not only tested our skills but also our stamina. No wonder our customers don't want to take on the mammoth task of cleaning their conservatory.

So what's this post for then? Well we get a lot of people asking what's involved with our conservatory valet service, how long it takes, what do they need to do before we come? or how we take payment. So we thought a blog post necessary so you know exactly what will happen when we turn up at your door on a monday morning.

Why should I get my conservatory cleaned?

Your conservatory is an investment, it's increasing the value of your house and also adding enjoyment to all the people living there. But coming in to a green conservatory, full of dead flies and debris is not an enjoyable calming living space. Aside from that leaving your uPVC uncleaned and untreated reduces the useful lifespan of the plastics, the lead flashing and rubber seals keeping the water out of your conservatory. Now we're not here to scare you and you may have many trouble free years of conservatory use. But the extra enjoyment and peace of mind you will have from a clean conservatory and clear guttering will help keep the value of your property and also increase the useful lifespan of your conservatory.

You might be surprised how little it costs to get your conservatory cleaned. Especially if you've called Thomas Sanderson ;)

What do we do?

You called us because you want a clean conservatory and it's most likely not convenient or too difficult for you to do yourself. Our aim and we generally succeed is to clean every part of your conservatory, removing mould, algae, dust, grime and plant matter from your conservatory and conservatory guttering. Go on, take a look in your conservatory right now. See any dirt? Open all the windows and doors, look in those little cracks and crevices you could never get to. That's what we clean.

Now i'll be honest with you. If your conservatory hasn't been cleaned for the last 30 years and it's sat under a few trees then it's very likely that the uPVC will be heavily stained and can not be fully renewed without replacing the plastic and sealing with silicone. But in most cases it's not a problem and your conservatory will look like new!

On the inside, our service really comes into its own, with anything visible and even not visible being cleaned. We even clean down those ceiling fans and lights and vacuum out the bugs that get stuck in those awkward places during the summer months.

Then the outside is given a thorough cleaning using our eco friendly degreaser and mould killer. This ensures that when your conservatory is how you like it, it will actually stay that way. We also clean out the guttering and downpipes so you really get that clean conservatory feeling. (We can even fit gutter guards to keep those leaves and moss at bay in the future).

We know all conservatories are different but after cleaning 100’s of conservatories in Cheltenham and Gloucester we are confident that we can tackle whatever conservatory problems you might have from brittle and fading plastics to mouldy seals.

What makes us the best at what we do?

Is it the equipment we use? Or the van we drive? Well no, but that all helps to make a good first impression. Sometimes your conservatory just needs some elbow grease, determination and a vision of the finished job to get us from start to finish. That's why when you ask your window cleaner if he can clean your conservatory; he'll most likely refuse. And rightly so, it's never a small task.

Like we've already said, our experience in cleaning numerous conservatories, with all kinds of challenges has helped us to get where we are today: The forefront of conservatory cleaning!

What should I do now?

Well first make your decision. Do you want your conservatory cleaned? Most likely yes or you wouldn't be here. In that case we suggest emailing or Whatsapping a few pictures to us. We can then give you a quote as quickly as an hour. Or if you're not tech savvy like some we would be more than happy to come to your house and take a look at the job.

Once we've had a chat and discussed the details we can then think about booking you in for a clean. Usually we have about a week turnaround unless we are unusually busy, so it might not be long before you are basking in the glory of a pearly white conservatory.

So go ahead contact us using the button below and we'll be with you within the hour!