Gutter Cleaning Gloucester.


One of the most neglected parts of your home but also one of the most important to look after is your guttering. Most guttering sits out of sight and usually works without issue. But when you do have a problem, it's a nightmare to get fixed and a callout for a repairman can be costly.

Lewis Cleaning Co. are specialist gutter cleaners in Gloucester. With specific equipment for gutter cleaning we have the tools and experience to clean your guttering with minimal hassle and cost, making sure your guttering flows freely.


In our experience, houses built near trees that shed their leaves in autumn cause your gutters to get blocked each year. In some cases a build up of moss teamed with some pesky Magpies contribute to blocked guttering. In any case, having your guttering cleared will extend the life of your home and also your guttering, downpipes and fascia board.

Leaving these kind of blockages has many long term effects that are costly to repair including:

  • Sagging guttering that's filled with standing water and debris.
  • Damp in your attic.
  • Rotten fascia boards.
  • Damage to building footings.


Yes! Having your gutters cleared once a year will prevent most if not all guttering issues. We provide a yearly maintenance service that will clean both inside and out of your guttering and fascia boards, inspect for any damage, make the necessary repairs and fit gutter guards and downpipe guards to protect against future damage. Our prices are extremely competitive and we can book you in within a week.



  • All guttering clean and clear.
  • Full gutter inspection.
  • Full insured to carry out all work
  • Gutter guards and downpipe guards fitted.
  • Small repairs undertaken if necessary.
I didn’t actually know how bad my gutters were until I saw what Lewis Cleaning Co. were pulling out of the downpipe. I wish I’d had them cleaned earlier!
— John Mayhew



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